Corporate Fast

A Nation of Prophetic Revolutionaries

March 30, 2018-April 8, 2017

Scripture Focus – St. John 17: 13-26

God make us One w/You, One w/Your Christ, and by Your Spirit One w/One-Another!


1. It is time for the Body of Christ to be the One New Man of Ephesians 2: 14-22.

2. We will be the instruments calling the world back to the unity of the faith and love for our neighbors.

3. We share the answer for what is wrong with the world today.  The answer is Christ Jesus being made Lord of all.  HIS answer is revival birthed through repentance and prayer.  Acts 3: 19    

Fast Guidelines:

Friday, March 30 (12:01am) – Sunday, April 1 (11:59pm) – Eating one meal, eliminating meats, in a 24-Hour period.  Waters and juices all day (no caffeine).

Monday, April 2  (12:01am) – Thursday, April 5 (11:59pm) – One meal after sunset.  Meals of vegetables and fruits only.  Waters and juices all day (no caffeine).

Friday, April 6 (12:01am) – Sunday, April 8 (11:59pm) – Eating one meal in a 24-Hour period.  Waters and juices all day (no caffeine).

Remember to return to our normal eating patterns gradually.  I pray this will help as we develop healthy eating habits

The purpose of this fast to empower the believers to live in this last hour of this dispensation totally  cooperating with God’s Divine Providence! If you are under direct care of a medical physician please consult with your doctor prior to committing to a fast of this nature!

We shall come out of this fast more unified than ever prepared for refreshing and revival!