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Join us as we seek to hear the voice of God in understanding this unprecedented time and season. God will reveal Himself in the midst of it all!

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Thank you for Fasting with us

Here was the information

Key Scriptures – Hebrews 12: 13-29; Matthew 5:1-20; Acts 15:13-17

Purpose – Seeking holiness, embracing a Kingdom mind-set, and building again!


  • Days of Preparation – During these days please curtail your normal eating patterns.  Reduce your caffeine and sugar intakes.  Please mindful of anything that has captured your attention and has removed God from being the center of all priorities.  Allow this time to completely spiritually formed again.
  • Friday, July 3 – Tuesday, July 7, 2020 – Absolutely no food between 12:01am – 12:01pm daily.  Water permitted during this time!
  • July 7, 2020 – Day of Reflecting

Important Note:    If you are under the care of a medical doctor please consult with him/her prior to partaking of a fast such as this.  This is the moment to become “prepared for what is to come in the days ahead” All the earth is awaiting the manifestation of the children of God.  Let’s go and be the people named Issachar!